May 11, 2019

What You Need to Know About Ziptrak Blinds

Sleek, stylish and functional Ziptrak blinds provide a great outdoor entertaining solution for a range of climates. They allow you to enjoy the great outdoors whilst providing protection against the elements (and pesky mosquitos!).

This article outlines everything you need to know about the shades.


What they are

Ziptrak blinds use a patented guided track to smoothly raise and lower the shades to any height. They allow you to seamlessly integrate your indoor and outdoor environments to create a weather-proof outdoor entertaining space to enjoy with friends and family. You can also use them as interior shades. They can also be used commercially, where they are capable of holding up against rigorous use. The lack of zips and pulleys make them appear sleek and modern – a visually appealing choice.



Ziptrak blinds are available in a range of colours and materials to suit your specific lifestyle and compliment your space. The aluminium components come in 5 Colourbond colours, and the shades can be powder-coated to any colour of your choosing.

Sunscreen mesh

Made of woven mesh, this material provides privacy whilst allowing you to continue to enjoy the view. The density of the mesh (which you can select) determines the amount of transparency and UV defence (up to 90%) it provides. It can help keep areas cool whilst protecting against the elements and the effects of UV radiation. This is a sturdy and durable option.


Premium quality Japanese PVC is used to allow for unhindered views whilst providing total rain and wind protection – making it a great option for businesses by the ocean. This option allows you to keep a space warm, but it won’t provide any UV protection.



Weather resistant

There’s nothing worse than serving lunch outside and having to pack up ten minutes later because it’s started to rain. Ziptrak blinds prevent this from being an issue by providing excellent protection against the elements – wind, rain, fire or hail.

Mould and mildew resistant

No one wants mouldy, icky shades! Thankfully, these are mould and mildew resistant. It’s recommended to give them a quick clean using a shade cleaner on occasion to keep them at their best.

UV and heat resistant

Ziptrak blinds are up to 90% UV resistant. You can choose how resistant (i.e. transparent) you want your shades to be, allowing you and your family to enjoy the outdoors whilst minimizing your risk of sunburn and skin cancer. The shades can also help keep the heat out and keep your space cool.

Guided track system

The shades fit to a non-corrosive guided track system, which makes them incredibly easy to operate (and long-lasting). They also use a spring system, which helps keep the shades lightweight and makes them easier to adjust.

Motorised controls

If you choose to get motorised shades, you can wind them up or down with the touch of a button. This makes them a highly convenient and easy-to-use option.

Perfect fit

The shades are made to measure and are designed to fit perfectly to your property whilst using a vertical track system to stay fitted. They can also be locked, making them more secure during windy or stormy conditions.

Three year warranty

Ziptrak blinds come with a three year warranty so that you can have peace of mind knowing that they will last for a decent amount of time.



Ziptrak blinds are a cost-effective and stylish shade solution which can help keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. They fit perfectly to your property for convenience and ease-of-use.

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