June 25, 2019

Key Incentives for Local Businesses Using Workplace Flu Shots


Local businesses can consider themselves immune from many risks, but the spread of illness is a universal threat that offers only one solution.

Medical programs that give workplace flu shots are a sound solution and when the key incentives are taken onboard, it is the best move to make.


Reducing Absentee Rate

The first major incentive for companies to invest in workplace flu shots such as those given by Corporate Care is to reduce their absentee rate. When flu season hits come the turn of autumn and into the winter months, members from all departments can suddenly come down with the illness having been exposed inside or outside of the work environment. From the accounting team to the marketing department, interns, couriers, warehouse management and the executive level – no one will be immune if this is an issue that spreads beyond control. High level of absenteeism has an impact on the bottom line of a company with a void of intellectual property, leadership and knowledge of key processes.


Saving Money

Employees that are ill and absent from work costs the business money. Without the use of workplace flu shots to act as a proactive and preventative measure, companies have to continue to pay their staff for sick leave entitlements should they have enough days allocated. This is a protection under workplace laws in Australia with full-time contracts, so the revenue that is invested for the scheme will actually be worthwhile over the span of the upcoming flu season.


Controlling Inoculation Process

Business managers are unique individuals who will come to the table with their own skillset and ambitions, but there is often one common feature they all have in common – the need to control key processes. This is a characteristic that can be found across any field or industry in the commercial landscape. Medical programs that offer workplace flu shots give companies the chance to oversee the initiative from start to finish, offering a clean and transparent environment where employees enter and exit whilst they undertake a waiting period for any potential side effects. Everything is controlled in-house and the reporting and documentation is provided to the right department. It is a major incentive for managers who always fear outsourcing tasks or leaving individuals to their own devices.


Minimizing Risk Of Outside Practices

Speaking of leaving employees to their own devices, the move not to invest in workplace flu shots becomes risky when individuals are left to source their own medical practice and undertake the injection on their own time. In many cases these parties won’t find the time, increasing the risk of spreading the illness. Others will settle for a convenient inoculation with their GP when there is no understanding or control on the part of the business. That room for doubt can be damaging and is a move that doesn’t protect the interests of the key stakeholders in the business – the staff.


Promoting Healthy Business Practice

The final incentive that is on the table for local businesses when booking in for workplace flu shots might be a cynical one, but it is true nonetheless – it helps the brand image. When marketing the company to consumers, investors, affiliates and sponsors, it is always helpful to advocate for a healthy work environment and a policy of protecting staff members. That type of rhetoric will be hollow if it is not matched with tangible action, something that can be supported by engaging in these key medical programs.



Businesses love to reduce risk and control key processes. Those two fundamental reasons are incentive enough to book in for workplace flu shots. Outside of those features it is healthy practice to protect all parties because one infection can cause an outbreak, compromising the entire enterprise.


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