February 13, 2019

What is a Busylight and Why Does Your Company Need One?

Busylights are taking the corporate world by storm by offering a new and innovative way to improve productiveness. But with all the hype around these devices has anyone actually sat down to explain fully what they are and how they can help all businesses? A lot of business owners are hesitant to invest a large […]

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February 8, 2019

Things You Need To Consider Before You Hire Accountants in North Sydney

SMSFs are rapidly growing in popularity so it is important to know a lot about them before you fully commit and hire accountants in North Sydney. With almost a third of the Australian population opting to use a SMSF this rapidly growing field has a lot of professionals that are eager to help. So before […]

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February 8, 2019

Is Minimalist All Its Cracked Up To Be And How Professional Rubbish Removal Is Able To Help

In modern times it would seem that the art of tidying is very on trend. More and more people are seeing the benefits in de-cluttering and many people out there have given themselves the label of a “minimalist”. With material items becoming cheaper and cheaper, people are quickly finding themselves surrounding with stuff and are […]

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January 14, 2019

Why Sim Card Packaging is Important

In this generation it would be hard to find someone that does not own a subscriber identity module. Phones are important; it’s how you get in contact with friends, family and work. Most of our daily tasks are done on our phones. However, most of this can’t be done without the use of a working […]

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What is a Busylight and Why Does Your Company Need One?


Busylights are taking the corporate world by storm by offering a new and innovative way to improve productiveness. But with all the hype around these devices has anyone actually sat down to explain fully what they are and how they can help all businesses? A lot of business owners are hesitant to invest a large sum of money on something that isn’t necessarily inventory or procedure related.

To help out all business owners alike we have put together a short and simple guide that explains what a busylight is and how they can help your business.


What are they?

Busylights are small electronic devices that display a colour depending upon your availability to chat with your colleagues. The basis behind the devices is that when people need to speak to someone, they will stop what they are doing and walk across the office to see if they are available. If they are preoccupied on a call or deep in thought they won’t want to be disturbed resulting in that one employee wasting time going back to their desk. If however they saw that the colour was red, they would know they are preoccupied and would stay on task with what they were doing before.

The devices plug into the user’s computer where it can also sync up to the online meeting platforms that they have installed. Skype and Microsoft teams are common platforms that are compatible with all leading busylight brands. If you were to receive a call on your platform of choice, it will notify you and also change colours automatically so you don’t have to fiddle around with it. They can also sync up to your mobile telephone as to promptly and effectively tell your co-workers your availability.


How can they help?

Now that you know what these devices are you may be thinking why your company actually needs one. Below is a short list of examples which we believe would benefit the modern workplace.


Improve productivity

We briefly touched on your workplace’s productivity being improved by not wasting time when people go to see if someone is able to talk. Take that one example of two people needing to converse and then apply it to your entire workforce. There is an avenue where people are essentially wasting time that can be easily avoided with these devices. When you buy them in bulk you also get a discount as to why it is beneficial to get your whole workforce using them as soon as possible.


The modern workplace needs modern devices

busy light

How workplaces interact and communicate with their clients is evolving and from such they need modern devices to accommodate. Businesses (especially those that operate on an international scale) are shifting to using web based meeting programs to make their interactions easier. Due to this the evolving company can further improve how they conduct their business by utilizing busylights. They are a modern and sleek invention that has continued to serve the trend setters very well.


Can be adapted for any business

One of the great reasons that companies are getting busylights is that they can be tailored to any business and how their employees interact. For cubicles and open plan offices there are mini variants that can be attached to the top of your cubicle or laptop. There are also the traditional cubes that can be pace on desks that can be programmed to play a jingle if you are receiving a call from any platform. Additionally there are also headset variants of busylights that are perfect for companies that are constantly talking over the phone and require the use of a headset (call centres).

Things You Need To Consider Before You Hire Accountants in North Sydney

accounting analysis

accounting analysis

SMSFs are rapidly growing in popularity so it is important to know a lot about them before you fully commit and hire accountants in North Sydney. With almost a third of the Australian population opting to use a SMSF this rapidly growing field has a lot of professionals that are eager to help.

So before you transfer all of your savings into an account that you have no experience with we’re here to help. We’ve broken down everything you need to know before you hire accountants in North Sydney such as SMSF.


What is a SMSF?

Before you go off and hire a self managed super fund accountant you should probably know what a SMSF involves and what it actually is. These structures are in place to provide funds to individuals who have retired and to also share the funds to the beneficiaries once they pass. They also have their own Tax File Number and Australian Business Number. They are essentially a mini business that is able to make investments and pay out sums for pensions.

The main difference between the different structures is that with a SMSF is that the member is also a trustee. There are two different types of trustee options when you are constructing your own.

Individual trustee

Each member of the fund is appointed as a trustee to manage the account. You are required to have a minimum of two trustees and hence where your self managed super fund accountant can step in to help.

Corporate trustee

This structure option appoints a company to act as a trustee while the members are the director. This method can be a lot easier and allows for all transactional data to be easily recorded.


Benefits of a SMSF


People tend to swap their retirement plans to this structure because of the three following reasons:

  • This structure allows the members to have more control and flexibility with their funds in the manner where they can invest it and borrow against it
  • The plan is fully transparent and you have the ability to manage all transactional costs
  • You have the opportunity to monitor the growth of your plan rather than paying fees to a corporation

While young entrepreneurs are using SMSFs more than ever, individuals aged over 50 make up for the largest percentage of users. Since there is no maximum and minimum amount to set up these plans, more and more people who wish to reap the benefits are starting to make the transition.


Why do you need a self managed super fund accountant?

We mentioned before the basics of SMSFs so you now may be wondering why you need a self managed super fund accountant. These professionals are experts in setting up and making the transition for new individuals who wish to reap the rewards that these plans have to offer.

Set-up services are a great starting point that a lot of people tend to take advantage of when the opt to use a self managed super fund accountant. These services include:

  • Trustee assignment
  • Collecting all or part of your previous supers into one account
  • Investment opportunities
  • Nominations for death beneficiaries

These professionals also comes with years of experience that you have the opportunity of using to your full advantage. More than likely they have seen a lot of investment ideas and can tell you which ones have worked well in the past and what would be best suited for your situation. If you were to go in alone you miss out on different perspectives leaving you with tunnel vision unaware of the dangers that you may face.


Is Minimalist All Its Cracked Up To Be And How Professional Rubbish Removal Is Able To Help

garbage bins

In modern times it would seem that the art of tidying is very on trend. More and more people are seeing the benefits in de-cluttering and many people out there have given themselves the label of a “minimalist”. With material items becoming cheaper and cheaper, people are quickly finding themselves surrounding with stuff and are keen to jump in when they realise there is something that they can do about it.

One of the biggest things that people are told to do is to down-size. While this may be easy to some, this isn’t such an easy task for many. There are those who are holding onto possessions of a deceased loved one and are simply not ready to let go.

Additionally, there are some out there who simply don’t have the physical or mental capabilities to de-clutter their homes or places of business. Some simply don’t have the time. Because of these constraints, there are many people out there who are left wondering if minimalism is all its cracked up to be. Furthermore, is professional rubbish removal something that is able to help with this?


A company that offers professional rubbish removal is able to meet with a client first to establish needs

garbage can with wastes surrounding it

While there are many people out there who feel they are living a freer life after they have gone through a de-cluttering process, there are many out there who feel stuck as they don’t know where to begin. For instance, there are many who have old pieces of furniture that cannot be repaired and yet they are unable to lift these items into a ute, trailer, or truck in order to take it to their local tip. For others, they may not even have access to this type of vehicle.

In other cases, people will have so much stuff that they simply have no idea where to start. As there are so many different people out there who will have accumulated different stuff and so will have different needs, it can be a wise move for people to arrange a consultation with a company that offers professional rubbish removal. The experts can then come to the property to look at what items need to be taken away and can then offer a solution that will meet their client’s needs. This means that those who are on a path to minimalism but are experiencing constraints are able to pass these problems on to the professionals who can easily take care of the task.


A company that offers professional rubbish removal is able to help those who are just looking to get rid of a few key items

While many people enjoy living a life where they own less things, there are some who find this concept ridiculous and will want to feel free to purchase whatever they like. It is important to note that there is no wrong or right way and people need to simply find a place that makes them feel good. As this is the case, there are some out there who are only looking to get rid of a few things rather than downsize their whole home.

The great thing is that no matter how much items need to be disposed of, a company that offers professional rubbish removal is able to help. They can come to the desired location and can safely remove items big and small. This means that people don’t have to worry about injuring themselves and can instead kick back and enjoy their time at home.



Why Sim Card Packaging is Important

In this generation it would be hard to find someone that does not own a subscriber identity module. Phones are important; it’s how you get in contact with friends, family and work. Most of our daily tasks are done on our phones.

However, most of this can’t be done without the use of a working subscriber identity module.

Smart chips are used to store data for cellular phone subscribers. The different types of data that the smart chips save are things such as user identities, phone numbers, text messages, security keys, contact lists and user location.

Many businesses understand the importance of sim card packaging and its use of providing customers with working phone ID chips.

There are many different benefits and aspects that you should take into account when wrapping subscriber identity modules. This article will aim to show you the importance of sim card packaging and why all phone ID chips require the correct wrapping.


Different types of modules

phone and a nano sim card

When people order a subscriber identity module, they are usually delivered in some sort of appropriate cover. The correct wrapping is essential for providing customers with a working chip as well as not allowing it to break during distribution.

Nano chips are small scale models that most of the latest hand held phones use because of its compact and thin appearance. These nano-chips are approximately 15% thinner than the micro-chip which is the model before this products release. These nano-chips are smaller to save more size but can handle the same amount of information that much larger smart chips can handle.

The size of these nano chips are 8.8 x 12.3mm.

Micro ID chip are medium scale models that many devices still use until this day. However it is significantly larger than the nano-chips. Micro-chips can be used in new devices but would need to be trimmed professionally.

The original size of these micro subscriber identity modules are 12 x 15mm.

sim cards

Standard chips are the original and much larger chips that are nearly obsolete as phones no longer use these subscriber identity modules. Usually only older phones are able to use this chip.

These much larger and thicker modules measure at about 15 x 25mm which is significantly larger than the other two smart chips. The standard chip is approximately bigger than both the other subscriber identity modules combined.

Respectable sim card packaging services understand the importance of having different sized wrapping to for these subscriber identity modules. Wrapping that is made for nano chips cannot be used to cover the standard chip as trying to fit the standard chip into the same size wrapping would cause it to break.


It does more than just secure the item

When wrapping up the chip, it does more than just protect the product. Using appropriate wrapping for the product also significantly prevents tampering with the subscriber identity module and prevents content modification.

Using sim card packaging plays a large role in terms of promoting brands and differentiating with other products. when smart chips are placed for in-store display, the first thing that people notice is the brand promotion on the cover, which is why when creating these covers they first make sure that their wrapping is appealing to the eyes of the customers.

The shape of the cover is another marketing strategy that some businesses use. When all products look the same they tend to get ignored, which is why businesses and companies use strategies to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

After reading this article, we hope you understand the importance of sim card packaging and why without proper care, we would have no working subscriber identity modules.






4 Tips for Finding the Best Home Builders in Perth

If you are planning to create a new house in and around metropolitan Western Australia, it makes sense that you would want to find the best home builders in Perth to help you realize your dream abode. There are a lot of different providers out there and finding the right one to suit your needs can seem incredibly daunting, especially if this is your first experience with any major construction project.

Everything from pricing, experience and administration practices needs to be taken into account when making your choice. Failing to choose the right home builders in Perth could spell disaster for your project and set you back months if not years on realizing your dream.

Let’s take a look at 4 of the best tips for finding the absolute best home builders in Perth.


1: Make sure the ‘true’ price is right

It can be very easy to be entranced by a low design price that isn’t really true of what all the costs are going to be. All too often people get suckered into a project because of what looks like a very low price tag only to find out that the low price has only been achieved because the house design team has excluded key features.

If you are inexperienced, it’s essential that you engage home builders in Perth who are totally transparent and upfront with all of the costs in the design phase. When you have all the true costs laid out in front of you, you will be able to compare them and make an informed choice about which is the cheapest while still satisfying all your expectations.

Remember; you get what you pay for. An incredibly cheap design is most likely compromising on other quality factors, so be smart about what you choose to go with.


2: Look for industry experience and trade excellence

One of the most important factors to consider when comparing home builders in Perth is their reputation within the industry for constructing high quality houses that stand the test of time. A poorly constructed house will begin to show signs of degradation after a few years while a well-constructed one will continue to look great for decades to come.

It’s good to look for awards and accreditations that the firm you are considering may have won that will qualify their standards of excellence. There’s a lot of room for failure and unprofessionalism when it comes to projects as elaborate as constructing a house from scratch so it really pays to make sure you only select from the best of the best.


3: Display houses vs what it will really look like when finished

The home builders in Perth that you consider engaging may have a lot of incredible displays for you to walk through and admire. However, you need to be careful not to get the wrong impression about what it will actually look like when your house is completed because some of the features you most loved in the display may not be listed in the final draft you end up paying for.

Again; you get what you pay for. Make sure you know exactly what your money is going towards and, if you have the capital, spend more to get the thing you want. When it comes to something as permanent as your new house, it’s normally worth it to pay a little extra to make sure it meets all of your expectations.


4: Administration and after-care

The process of working with home builders in Perth is far more complex than simply having a bunch of tradesmen organised and working on the site. There is a great deal of paperwork and several stages of verification before any actual construction can begin and you’ll want to engage a provider who makes this process as simple for you as possible.

Hopefully the above tips will make it easier for you to find the best home builders in Perth so that you can realize your dream residence with no hassle or unwelcome surprises.

Ways that Occupational Therapy for Children Can Help Your Kids

disability signage

Most people believe that occupational therapy for children is only used to teach your kids how to tie their shoes or hold a pencil properly. Little do most people know that occupational therapy for children goes much deeper than that. Therapists that specialise in this certain field are fully equipped in dealing with supporting a kid’s emotional, function and social skills.

Below we have put together a list of ways that occupational therapy for children can help your kids in a way that you may not have thought was possible.


What does occupational therapy for children accomplish?

The main goal is to enhance a kid’s ability to perform and participate in everyday activities. This outcome is achieved by working with the family of the kids and to educate them into what activities they want to do or are expected to participate in, in their lives.

For this goal and strategy to be executed, it generally means that the occupation of the kid and their environment needs to be altered or changed completely to support their growth.


How occupational therapy for children can foster social skill development

Some common ways that this treatment is used to support the development of your kid’s social skills are:


Breaking tasks down

Not all kids are the same and some may miss the obvious social cues or steps that are present within an activity or game. The rules or procedure of a certain game may not come naturally to some kids so OTs are in place to help break down tasks into steps that are easy to understand. Breaking these tasks down allow kids to understand what is expected of them and will also aid in them understanding what appropriate behaviours in certain scenarios are.


Using your child’s likes

Basing work around what your kid likes is an easy way to make occupational therapy for children work. Your kid’s age will ultimately effect what scenarios you would use. If your kid is a teenager there’s no point revolving work and activities to help around playing with toys. Rather, social scenarios or sporting events may be more suited.

Regardless of their age, their motivation for wanting to interact with others in a pleasant manner is of the utmost importance. Therapists work closely with the subjects and their families to build activities around their interests to get them more excited to participate.


Gaining an insight into the environment

Understanding the environment that your kid plays in is most important as it provides the most influence. Busyness or noisy and crowded environments can overwhelm your kid and their ability to function in social scenarios. These areas are where these types of therapists are most commonly used to help. Occupational therapy for children understands the impact of the environment on kids and can develop strategies to combat these growing areas of concern.


Helping with showing the benefits of play

When we get into our adult lives, we often forget the importance of developing your social skills and simply the importance of playing. When your kid is at school and their academic demands start to increase it is common that you forget to let them play.

OTs highlight areas where play for kids is important and how it can help them grow as a person. These areas include:

  • A child’s adaption to new scenarios and change
  • Being able to understand emotions and empathise
  • The ability to develop problem solving skills
  • Negotiate through times of conflict and difficulty
  • Learning about the importance of social roles

As you can see, occupational therapy for children has a huge range of amazing benefits.

Data Analytics Solutions for Beginners

laptop's screen showing data analytics

In this day and age, it can feel like there are just so many trends to keep up with. This is especially the case for those who run their own businesses. There are podcasts to listen to, online marketing strategies to implement, as well as ensuring that the best customer service is implemented.

On top of all of this, people must ensure that they are taking care of themselves as well as their personal life. Having said this, it is still important that people do everything in their power to stay on top of trends, especially the ones that are going to streamline their processes. One great example of this is data analytics solutions.

This is a type of software that is able to examine figures in order to draw conclusions. This means that they are able to notice and assess patterns as well as analyse trends. This can be an extremely important tool for businesses which is why it is so imperative that people are aware of this platform.

There are many reasons why people have issues with managing their own figures and statistics and the most common reason is because people simply feel that they aren’t savvy when it comes to this matter. Therefore, it can be a wise move to outsource this task to a program or type of software. As there are so many benefits to this, here is data analytics solutions for beginners.


Businesses can explore key analytics when implementing data analytics solutions

One of the most important things that a business needs to be able to do is to make well-educated decisions. When people have the stats to back up their decisions, they are much less likely to lose money in the long run. Furthermore, they are like to ensure that their company is successful for longer.

As this is so important, it can be a wise move for people to implement this kind of software so that they are able to build a strategy based on analytical insights. This can help drive business actions and can also simplify access to SAP-based and third party analytics. When people are able to easily bring their stats together, they are able to make decisions that are right for their organisation.

For all of these reasons as well as many more, this can be a powerful tool to have. People can have peace of mind knowing that the actions they are implementing are based up by accurate information. This is why so many people are implementing data analytics solutions.


Data analytics solutions can aid with pinpointing patterns

One of the best parts about using this kind of software is that it is able to aid with spotting patterns that may have otherwise gone unnoticed. The good thing about this is that businesses are able to change these patterns if they are negative ones. Furthermore, this software is able to predict trends so that people know when the best times are to spend their money etc.

In addition to this, there are certain fields that simply have to crunch a lot of numbers. For instance, those who work in the travel industry will have to deal with bookings, inquiries, rental cars, insurances, as well as much more. All of this data can be hard to manage without the support of such a system. As there are so many industries out there that do heavily rely on so many stats, it can seem silly to not implement some kind of support.

In conclusion, businesses don’t have to go it alone when it comes to numbers, especially when there are so many great options out there such as data analytics solutions.

A Look at the Creation of Jobs for the Handicapped

disabled man working

Disability jobs in Sydney are becoming more and more widespread. In the years gone by those with handicaps would find themselves discriminated against when it came to seeking and gaining employment, not just in Australia but worldwide. As governments have become more aware of the importance of inclusion for everyone in society, it has become easier for the handicapped in the job market. Numerous initiatives have been developed worldwide to encourage people from all walks of life to participate in each aspect of society, this includes the workplace.


In Australia, there are over 4 million people with some form of a disability. Highlighting the important of creating disability jobs in Sydney, of these 4 million people, 2 million are of working age, while 35% of households include someone who is handicapped. When it comes to creating employment for those who are handicapped, Australia ranks favourably when compared with other countries around the world. The employment rate for those who are handicapped sits at 35%. However, there are some worrying statistics when it comes to handicapped people in the workplace. People who are handicapped between the ages of 15 and 24 are more likely to experience discrimination than those of retirement age, and this occurs during employment half the time. These figures highlight how far Australia has come but also how far it still must go.

disabled man working


On a positive note, each step of the process of finding disability jobs in Sydney has become easier. Some positions have quotas relating to how many candidates are interviewed for a certain position. This can relate to the candidate’s background and heritage as well as any handicaps that they may have. Employers are encouraged to employ candidates from all walks of life and can receive grants for local and national governments in doing so. In just receiving a call back for an interview, a person’s self-esteem will grow knowing they are being given the chance to showcase their ability face to face. Whether or not they get chosen can be somewhat irrelevant so long as they are given the confidence to apply for more positions.


The benefits for society with the increase in disability jobs in Sydney is very important. Employing those who are handicapped in both client facing and back office jobs sends a message to both customers and employees about what kind of company they wish to be. An equal opportunities employer will always be looked upon more favourably than one who is known for human rights controversies. The more people with handicaps become the norm in workplaces all over the city, the more people will accept these people as important parts of society.


Disability jobs in Sydney are no longer low skilled, low earning positions. Employers recognize their ability to contribute more than ever which has seen an increase in the number of people employed in the city and country. Disability jobs in Sydney are more prevalent than ever with more and more handicapped workers gaining confidence to apply and succeed in their chosen field.


The development of different infrastructure has also been an important factor in the increase of disability jobs in Sydney. In years gone for handicapped workers to get to work could be a hassle. Transport was not easily accessible for those who are handicapped while once at their workplace, they could be faced with similar problems. Just like any other worker, they should expect to have the ability and freedom to move around. Coming to work and asking for help each day, day after day, would not be the most welcoming for any worker, let alone one who is handicapped and could possibly feel marginalized in society already.


Having more disability jobs in Sydney will encourage those with handicaps to apply. The chance to learn and develop their careers at an employer who values what they bring to the table is important for any worker. Any skills picked up in the workplace will be transfer into that workers life and therefore help them integrate into society that little bit more. Take for example, a period of unemployment after a week or two with no routine, whereby you pass hours at home, you begin to feel cut off from society a little bit. You can meet your friends, but you find yourself with less to talk about since they are chatting about their time at work. Disability jobs in Sydney give those with handicaps more of a footing in society allowing them to interact with peers and have something more to talk about, that they may have not had already.


Creating and increasing disability jobs in Sydney must be a priority for the national and state governments as they seek to create a more rounded society, one in which people of every background and skill feel included and wanted in their community.



How Professional Printing Companies Can Help Businesses with their Marketing Planning

One of the most important things for people to focus on in this day and age is their marketing. Someone could have the best product or service out there but it won’t mean a thing if no-one knows that it exists. Furthermore, if no one is purchasing the product or hiring the service.

Because of this, it is imperative that people do everything in their power to ensure that they are putting themselves out there. That even when they are rejected or when they feel embarrassed, that they are staying consistent and are building a reputable name for themselves. One of the best ways to do this is by implementing marketing planning.

This means that people and businesses are sitting down and are scheduling the things that they are going to do on a regular basis. For instance, one person may decide that it is beneficial to upload a blog post on their website each and every week. Another person may put aside an hour’s block each month to schedule their social media posts.

Whatever someone decides to do, it is imperative that they do it on a regular basis so that they are eliciting trust within the people that they are reaching. One great way to achieve this is by working with professional printing companies who are able to help businesses with their marketing planning.


Printing companies can help people by providing them with professional business cards

While many people out there will believe that the art of handing out business cards is dead, they may not realize that this is still a fantastic form of marketing. While it is certainly important for an individual or business to focus their efforts online, it is also important that they focus on in-person approaches too.

For instance, when someone ships out a product, they may like to include their business card in the package for customers to keep. They may then put this business card in their wallet, in their business card folder, or even on their fridge. When they do this, it makes it more likely that they will remember that company or that others around them will also become aware of that company too.

It can also be extremely beneficial to work with printing companies in order to create professional business cards as they are something small and easy that people can leave on the desks of other businesses. Once again, this is a gentle and non-intrusive way to reach more people. Studies have shown that people are very likely to pick up a business card when they see one in front of them.

mock up business cards


Businesses can work with printing companies in order to create professional flyers

Similarly to business cards, people are able to order professional flyers on a regular basis as a part of their marketing plan. The great thing about this is that they are able to include a little bit more information as well as graphics that are likely to attract more people. Once again, these can be included when sending out packages or can be handed out to local businesses.

People can also hire someone to hand out their professional flyers at events or to drop them into people’s mailboxes. While this may once again seem like a dead art form, businesses are able to reach hundreds of people when they opt for letter box drops. Perhaps their success rate won’t be high initially, but this can help people remember someone’s name which can cause them to recommend that business to someone else in the future.


Businesses can work with printing companies in order to create informational pamphlets


There are many companies out there that will sell products that will need instructions to go with them. This may be to actually use the product at hand or it may be to help the customer put the item together. Whatever the case may be, it can be a wise move to include printed instructions when sending out an item.

This is not only practical but it also helps customers feel like they are being thought about. When a customer feels confused about a product they have received, this can cause them to feel negatively towards that company which can then cause a negative brand awareness. As it is imperative that this doesn’t happen, doing something as simple as working with printing companies in order to create informational pamphlets can be a wise move.

At the end of the day, it can be a good idea to take a holistic approach when it comes to marketing. Focusing efforts online as well as in-person is often the best way to go to ensure a healthy and successful career. Working with businesses such as professional printing companies is a great way to ensure this.


How an After Hours Doctor Can Help You

doctor giving a vaccine in the shoulder

The world doesn’t slow down when you get sick and need to see a GP. For many people getting sick isn’t an option in our busy lives which leads to the question of how do you seek a medical professional during non-working hours. Well the answer is simple, an after hours doctor.

An after hours doctor is a licensed and medically trained professional who is fully capable of all regular general practitioner services. If you find that you are unable to leave your home either, there are special services where the medical professional can come to you.

Now you may be thinking what’s so good about an after hours doctor and why shouldn’t I just go to a regular clinic? Well below we are going to explore some of the ways that this service can help you.

doctor giving a vaccine in the shoulder


Save time

One of the more obvious perks of an after hours doctor is that they will save you time compared to a GP. Instead of waiting around in a clinic waiting room you can be at work or relaxing at home while they come to you. This means that you can focus on getting better and doing the other important things that your day has to offer.

The booking process for these services is also a lot easier which in turn will save you a lot of time. Forget about calling up a clinic and filling out sheets of paperwork, online bookings allow you to fill out all of your details straight away so that you won’t have to waste anymore of your time. When the medical practitioner arrives you won’t have to fill out anymore paperwork, you can just simply have your appointment.


Save money

A very overlooked benefit of using an after hours doctor is that they can save you money over their counterparts. If you need a new prescription or are ill but can still work, instead of taking time off you can simply opt to have the appointment out of working hours which allows you to keep earning money. Additionally think of the money you are saving on fuel or public transport to get to the clinic where the GP can just come straight to your home.

All these types of appointments are also bulk-billed so you won’t have to stress about spending some extra cash in order to get the medical appointment that you require.


Out of town prescriptions

If you have gone on a holiday but have left your prescription and medication at home you may start to feel overwhelmed. Luckily after hours doctor can also help with prescriptions. If you disclose the medication that you are currently taking and the dosage, they will be able to cross reference that with their systems and get you a prescription at any hour of the day.

This can be a real life saver for those individuals who require daily medication for a serious condition. Nothing is worse that leaving your medication and prescription behind on a holiday but this will surely make you relax. Once you do your prescription be sure to ask the local GP where the closest pharmacy is. If it is also out of working hours be sure to mention that you need the medication immediately and they will be sure to help you find the closest place that is open until late.


Privacy at your own home

For people who don’t like to visit public clinics with strangers around them, after hours doctors can come to your home and perform the appointment with your own privacy. A lot of people tend to use after hours doctors for this very reason either from an embarrassing symptom or that they simply don’t have the energy to be able to go in public. The quality of the appointment is exactly the same as a regular doctor’s appointment however you don’t have to interact with anyone that you don’t wish to.

If you only want the appointment for a routine check-up and are worried about getting sick from those in the waiting room you may also want to use after hours doctors. This procedure will give you the best chance of not getting sick from other people that are waiting for a GP.

So the next time you are feeling under the weather and don’t want to take time off work to see a medical professional be sure to use an after hours doctor. They will ensure that you get the medical attention that you need while also fitting around your life. With the ever-changing business world, convenience is key and these services exist to better serve you. If you are a bit wary of trying a new service, you can feel safe knowing that many people have done it before and you can read through the reviews of each GP.