April 24, 2019

A Guide On The Process Of Artificial Turf Installation

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The process of laying synthetic turf is relatively simple and straightforward. Your fake lawn will add a glossy and positive aesthetic to your home and garden. Not only will it brighten up your garden but it’s also a more practical form of turf when it comes to maintaining your garden. So, if you’re a little confused about how to go about the installation of your artificial turf in Sydney, make sure you read through the following guide on laying a new fake lawn on your property.


Measure the space

Before you go about ordering your synthetic lawn, you need to know how much you will need. So, measure the area of your yard or garden and record your dimensions. As a general rule of thumb, include a bit of extra lawn in case your measurements are slightly off. Your order will be delivered to your property.


Establish a level foundation

Likewise, you also need to ensure that you set up a level foundation when it comes time for your artificial turf installation in Sydney. As a result, if you find that your landscape is a little uneven or bumpy, then you might need to order some fresh soil to ensure that the surface is flat and ready to go.

Before you do any of this though, you need to remove any existing turf in the soil. You’ll need a sharp knife and some gardening gloves as it can be tough work removing all the roots. Remember to remove any existing sprinklers because you won’t need these ever again! Dig out the area to an approximate depth of 75-80mm.


Prepare a base for the fake turf

You also need to start preparing a base for the installation of your artificial turf in Sydney. There are many different types of bases that you can use. Some opt for a fine road base, while other may opt for a blue cracker dust.

Whichever you choose, you have to ensure that the base is compact and flat. Sprinkle some water over the rock base and compact the wet stone.  Use a rake and a leveller to ensure that your turf has the proper drainage. The base should be about 15mm below level ground, leaving space for you to lay the turf.


Laying the turf

Laying the turf is pretty simple; however, if you want a flawless finish, you should remember these tips. Always run the lawn in the same direction and cut the turf when needed so it fits around objects in your yard (like flowerbeds, plants, trees etc.). Also, you should leave the lawn for several hours after finishing, as this will help remove any creases and help it settle. You want the best fake lawn possible and all the benefits attached to it.


Joining the turf

During your artificial turf in Sydney installation, there should be no overlapping between the lengths of turf. At the same time, there should never be more than a 5mm gap. Place markers where each piece of turf lines up so you know where to place the adhesive joining tape. Walk along your new lawn to ensure that the turf is level and sticks evenly.


Securing the turf

The final step for the installation of your artificial turf is to ensure that your entire lawn is secure. You can secure the edges of your artificial grass with flat head nails and pegs. Insert the nails along the edge of your lawn every 20-30cm. Make sure they do not stick out from the ground, as this could be a serious safety hazard.

To cap off your installation of your artificial turf in Sydney, you just have to sprinkle a layer of sand across the turf. Make sure you brush the sand across the entirety of your new lawn to ensure an even spread. Large pockets of sand will cause your lawn to be lumpy and uneven under foot.



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