April 24, 2019

Why Carpenters Opt For a Concrete Floor Grinder Over Alternative Power Tools

concrete grinder

The work of a carpenter can encompass a series of different tasks for their clientele.

From erecting and installing structures to fixing household items and creating bridges to access points for homeowners, these are professionals who need a wide range of skills and just as many tools to execute the jobs.

Some of those tools are the dust extractor that is mostly used and the concrete floor grinder, a product that enables a smooth finish over a tough material.

This happens to be one of four key types of grinder in the open marketplace.

There is the centerless model that utilizes duel rotary wheels, cylindrical profiles that help to shape work pieces and cutters that are ideal for woods and metals.

However, we will focus on the benefits of using this power tool in the world of carpentry.


Affordable For Experts

Affordability is a major consideration for carpenters who have to balance their own internally costs before issuing quotes for clients. The greater the energy source and the more fragile their equipment, the less room they have to compromise on the bottom line. A concrete floor grinder is seen as the most affordable alternative for those individuals who want a clean, safe and aesthetically pleasing finish. This is in large part because the process is relatively straightforward, allowing for the item to be simply designed and not extending beyond a $3,000 mark for an investment.


Less Logistical Hassles

Admittedly there will be some dust and debris created when using a concrete floor grinder and that might require something a little more advanced than a broom. However, in the majority of cases there are minimal logistical hassles that are evident with these power tools. That are applied to the area that needs to be smoothed and corrected and once it is applied, the choice then becomes which coating would be suitable. The actual grinding is a task that all carpenters from all backgrounds can manage effectively.


Lasts The Distance

Those lower maintenance concerns provide another direct advantage for the local carpenter – namely that their investment in a concrete floor grinder will be incredibly durable. Studies have indicated that as far as floor covering devices are concerned, they last up to 60% longer per their average lifespan. The fact that discs can be readily replaced gives that added guarantee that the entire machine does not have to be dismantled or consigned to the tip, just that the discs need a healthy turnover. Very rarely will the product chip, change colour or stain given its continued exposure to tough surfaces.


Best End Product

The desired state of the surface is a factor that makes it apparent why a carpenter would settle for a concrete floor grinder. With the help of a clear coating placed on top of the application for a ‘grind and seal’ approach, there is a natural clean finish that is provided for the home or business owner. The imperfections are essentially consigned to history with a flat offering for any foot or vehicle traffic.



The saying often goes: ‘there is more than one way to skin a cat.’ Well the same can be said for a concrete floor grinder as the carpenter can bring out the product for an array of tasks that they will encounter over the course of a residential or commercial project. This will range from smoothing out chips, lumps and high spots to preparing for a fresh floor paint covering or removing coatings and glues from the location altogether. They can also arrive prepackaged with dust control elements, vacuums and backup discs, ensuring that the user can switch between his heavy duty industrial client one week to a small bed and breakfast domain the next.


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