May 25, 2022

What Are the Best Stocks to Buy Now ASX?

Are you an investor and do you need suggestions on the stocks to buy now ASX? Then, look no further as this content provides an update about the options you can consider. However, this content is not some financial advice because the direction of stocks can be highly unpredictable. 

In all honesty, the stock market is currently in a volatile state, with high inflation, an increment in the rate of interest, and the war between Russia and Ukraine. These situations have led to different sentiments among investors. Also, all shares do not always trend in the same direction in a volatile market. 

How can one survive this season? 

In a time of much uncertainty commodities such as this, industrials and property appear to be the safest stocks to buy now ASX. Hence, it is the reason they have been dominating for the last couple of months. 

Nevertheless, you should settle on your personal objectives and goals before you hop into this fast-growing sector. An active investor is safe and can jump on trends. A long-term investor may need to reconsider because of the uncertainty level in the market. 

Top 5 Stocks to buy now ASX in 2022 

Even a shaman will find it difficult to accurately predict the next 12 months of the market. In this suggested list of stocks to buy now ASX, the following factors were considered;

  1. Their historical account 
  2. The dividends 
  3. The volatility of the price 
  4. Revenue growth 
  5. The margin of the profit

Every company included here has over a billion-dollar market cap. However, you should carry out your research to be sure or speak with an expert if in doubt. Now to the top 5 stocks to buy now ASX; 

stocks to buy now asx
  1. Charter Hall Group (CHC.AU)

CHC.AU has been one of the leading groups in Australia. The experience level of the company is over 30 years as they are well vested in funds and investment management. Their last five-year performance is 268.8 %. With a market cap of A$7.89 billion, they are one of the top stocks to buy now on ASX. 

  1. IGO Limited (IGO.AU) 

IGO Limited is a mining and exploration company. Their assets are around clean energy in Australia. Their market cap is about A$11.36 billion. Their last five-year performance is 241.84%. 

  1. Lynas Rare Earths Limited (LYC.AU) 

Here is another stocks to buy now ASX, you may want to consider. This Limited and its subsidiaries are involved in the exploration, extraction, mining, development, and processing of earth minerals. Their activities extend beyond Australia to Malaysia. Its market cap is A$10.279 billion, while its last five-year performance is 1080.15%. That’s a top one, right? 

  1. Perseus Mining Limited (PRU.AU) 

Perseus Mining Limited is another company that evaluates, explores, mines, and develops gold properties. Their activities are in west Africa, as the gold mine is in Ghana. They boast of a market cap of A$2.284 billion and a five-year performance of 416.37%. 

  1. South32 Limited (S32.AU) 

South32 Limited is another mining company with activities in Australia, North America, South Africa, and South America. Its market cap is A$24.666 billion and five-year performance of 112.73%.

Remember that this content is only meant to be informational and not any financial advice. You should do your research on stocks to buy now ASX and choose wisely. Good luck with your choices. 

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