March 22, 2019

The Value of an Arborist Report in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney


Accessing an arborist is a valuable exercise for domestic homeowners and business managers in this region of the city.

Densely populated and diverse in the landscape from Watsons Bay and Vaucluse in the North down past Bondi, Coogee and towards Malabar and Botany in the South, the rich native tapestry of this area still maintains a healthy condition through clever management and preparation.

Young families, athletes, runners, visitors and cyclists alike all enjoy the benefits of open parks and clear fairways on the golf course.

Yet this status is not achieved by chance, it is earned through a process of specialist help instigated by arborist in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, landscapers and other professionals who have an eye for detail.

Here we will outline why these reports are so valuable for the community of the Eastern Suburbs.

Identifying Categories of Trees

It is important that any client has an understanding of what categories of trees they are dealing with, a scenario that can only be achieved by accessing an arborist report in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. This will speak to the category of soil in the region, spanning from Sandstone to Fluvial, Shale, Dunefields or those that are classified as highly disturbed. Then there will be the unique species that are evident in the community with evergreen trees such as the Date Palm, Holm Oak, Gordonia or Weeping Fig requiring a different management style to deciduous trees including the Cottonwood, Jacaranda or Box Elder.

Receiving Council Authorization

Learning more about the structural state and health of the trees through an arborist report in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney is one thing for the homeowner or business, but amongst the urban sprawl of this area there are strict council regulations in place. This necessitates legal authorisation for any cutting, trimming, removal or replacement during a clearance or development project. By having this documentation, the client will be operating in accordance with stipulations around boulevards, commercial strips, parks and heritage-listed architecture.

Engaging in Good Practice

It is undeniable that residential and commercial clients who engage an arborist report in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney are showcasing good practice. More than just a peace of mind, this will indicate to the local community that homeowners care about the landscape. For businesses, this is a terrific public relations opportunity to build bridges and contacts with local council as well as creating relationships with local business peers and fellow professionals.

Evaluating the Risks

In an area that is as populated and environmentally diverse as the Eastern Suburbs, there are risks that are included with any removal project or shifting of the native landscape. From Centennial Park encompassing Kensington, Paddington, Surry Hills and Woollahra, to Queens Park and Andrew Petrie Oval, there is a need to utilise an arborist report in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. This will allow councils and participants to understand the risks that include infections and deterioration to the trees, faults with the infrastructure, exposure to flooding and winds, proximity to properties and power lines, and pests that can compromise the plantations. A certified arborist can inform homeowners, business managers, councils, cyclists, foot traffic and the surrounding community about the potential dangers that exist.


Any resident or business manager can access an arborist report in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney simply by undertaking an online search or obtaining a direct personal referral from a trusted friend, neighbour or colleague. To have a tangible document that allows any action to be legal and in line with council regulations as well as the ability to learn about the potential risks and damage will save a great deal of time and money in the long-term. This is a common sense approach to take for any client wishing to speak to an arborist and learn more about their landscape.

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