July 27, 2022

The Different Types of Glass Pipes on the Market

Cannabis fans have various methods of getting their hits. Among them is using glass pipes or bongs. A glass pipe is a fan favorite because it provides an excellent smoking experience. What’s more, it comes in a variety of artistic designs that can pass for collectibles. If you are still confused about whether to get a glass bong or not, this article will guide you.

Understanding the Product

These products are compact devices used for inhaling vapors from dry herbs like tobacco and cannabis. Originally, these products featured metal, wood, and other materials in their construction. As time went by, they gradually evolved into glass pipes as the materials for making them became scarce. Today, these devices are found in various shapes and sizes to make them appealing to different users.

Importance of a Glass Pipe

Many smokers are turning to the glass pipe as the mode of smoking. This rise in this product usage is because of the benefits it offers to the smoking community. The best smoking experience comes from a device that produces the most natural taste of the substances. Therefore, glass tops the list of materials that preserve the natural flavor of smoking compounds. That is why many people prefer this method to other forms of smoking.

Metal or wood tends to introduce undesirable flavors of the vapors when smoking. However, with glass, there is the absence of impurities whereby you get the unadulterated, natural, potent, and flavorful result.

Types of Glass Pipes

Glass pipes

For you to get the best of something, you need to try out the different types available. As such, the products come in various types to help users choose their favorite for the best smoking experience. Below are the types available on the market to help you select better.

·         Spoon Model

As the name suggests, a spoon model of this product resembles a piece of cutlery – the spoon. The structure features a heavy bowl on one of the two ends. On the bowl, you will find two holes: one for depositing the dry herb and the other for regulating the air. The spoon is the most common type of glass pipe molded into various shapes and designs.

·         Chillums

Chillums are compact devices in a tubular form. The device features two open ends for inhaling and placing herbs. As mentioned, chillums are small in size. Meaning they cannot hold more herbs at a time.

·         Sherlock Model

Are you familiar with the fictional character from the Merchant of Venice Sherlock Holmes? Well, the glass pipe gets its name from him because of the close resemblance to the product he held on the book cover. It looks more like a spoon model with an extended backward. The best part about it is that it can accommodate more herbs compared to its counterparts. More herbs mean a lasting smoking session.

·         Bubblers

The bubbler is a hybrid of a bong and a glass pipe. It means that, like bongs, bubblers use water to smoke. For this reason, they are usually called glass water pipes.

·         Steamrollers

A steamroller is an intricate device used for smoking dry substances. It features an elongated glass tube and a bowl on one end. This product delivers fast and powerful hits. Once you get the hang of it, you are on your way to enjoying the best smoking experience.


These products were invented centuries ago. And the sole purpose of their invention was to smoke for different reasons such as religious or spiritual, promotion of health, and other social reasons. Today, they have evolved and become useful devices, that provide pleasurable smoking experiences. Thankfully for glass pipes, you can find them in various shapes and designs depending on your taste.

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