August 16, 2018

Fitness for new moms

Being a new mom comes with its happiness and joys. But this phase is tough too. Your body has undergone a lot of changes and adapting and accepting these changes can get on your nerves. It’s a part of motherhood. Your child is the centre of your attention, which is perfectly fine. But this doesn’t mean you neglect yourself! You can start taking baby steps towards a fit body, ensuring you don’t exert yourself too much. We have come up with a few tips to help you knock off those extra kilos:

Program short workouts:
You very well know your little infant is not going to let you spare time for yourself! But even in this, you can quickly slip in workouts now and then by bringing to use those few spare minutes! You can begin with warming up your body, and slowly moving to lunges, push-ups, planks and other strengthening exercises. Even a 10-minute mini workout session thrice a day will do wonders!

Don’t starve yourself:


You’ve been eating for “two” and suddenly cutting down to “half” won’t make any sense! You should eat everything your body requires because you’re in that stage where even though you have put on a lot of weight, your body needs a lot of energy too. And depriving yourself of this will make you weaker and exhausted. Take in everything that your body needs to be a healthy and happy new mum!

Use your baby as a prop:

Well, your kiddo may not let you spare even those 10 minutes for yourself – what do you do then? Exercise along with your baby! There are numerous exercises which you can perform using your baby as a prop. There are tonnes of videos out there that suggest some very safe (for both baby and you) and effective exercises that you can follow on a daily basis.

Allow your body to heal:
While doing these exercises, you need to keep a watch on your body. There is no requirement to push yourself beyond a limit – you have to take it easy. Your body needs time to heal and pushing it over the edge will not help. Start slowly and steadily, watch your body for any changes or reactions. You can consult your doctor before starting off with any new regime. Remember – one step at a time!

Following these few tips will help you get fit and fab in no time. You may not notice any changes quickly, so you have to keep your patience and keep doing your daily workout. Persistent efforts will achieve desired results. Good luck!!

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