June 3, 2022

All You Need to Know About Paella Catering

Most tourists who have toured Spain can attest to the gospel truth that paella is a mouth-watering food and paella catering goes like hotcakes. And, if you’re currently in Spain, I consider you a very lucky person. You have got lots of opportunities to sink your teeth into many delicious Spanish dishes and also to enjoy the enchanting environment as much as you can. Explore places like Ramblas in Barcelona, the Canary Islands, San Sebastian, Valencia, Roman aqueducts in Segovia, etc. 

Touring Spain

Besides just enjoying the Spanish cuisine, tourism helps boost cultural awareness, creates epic memories, fosters independence, and who knows, you may meet the love of your life there too. I better continue writing before you think this article is all about tourism and bonding and not paella catering. 

So, still in the spirit of the Valencian dish, which is the food, let’s get to know our dish.

Paella—What is it? 

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You must not be into the business of paella catering in Sydney or have an in-depth tutelage before you know all that is to the dish and how to prepare it. This food is a Spanish dish prepared from rice, vegetables, chicken, seafood, saffron, and chicken. You may need to buy saffron in large quantities because it’s the most important ingredient on the list. For chicken, thighs will make a great choice rather than the breast area. 

History of the dish

Known as the unofficial National food of Spain, this was a lunchtime dish for farmers and farm laborers around the mid-19th century. Sometimes the dish was spiced up with rabbit or duck meat. Later on, chicken became increasingly popular. As time went on, other types of seafood were added, and different tastes were birthed. 

Funnily enough, the name was derived from the cooking pan and not the dish itself. Others believe the name is derived from the Arabic word “Baqiyah”. However, paella catering was not so popular until years later. Whatever the root may be, this food, if allowed is the life of any Spanish party! 

Tips for making the best dish 

The following are tips that will guide you in making great tasty food! 

Choose good rice: Rice is the foundation of this dish. If you don’t choose high-quality rice, you will end up with a poor-quality meal with poor taste. 

Pick the right ingredients: The dish is nothing without the right ingredients. For example, you must include olive oil, tomatoes, and saffron when preparing the dish. Then for the meat, you may want to go with rabbit or chicken. If you run a paella catering already, you’d up your game.

Choose the right pan: Yes, the right pan can make a difference. Choose pans made from carbon steel or enameled steel pans. Overall, avoid pans made with cast iron. Secondly, pay attention to your heat source. 

Can you make money from paella catering? 

The short answer is yes. If you own a commercial kitchen outside Spain or you are thinking of starting one, there’s completely no harm in adding it to your catering menu. Assuredly, your customer will fall in love with it. Secondly, if this is already a popular meal, why not attempt paella catering? 

Plus, when done right, there’s a whole lot of money in catering too. You never could tell! Do you think paella catering is for you? There are other online resources you could learn from!

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