December 13, 2018

A Look at the Creation of Jobs for the Handicapped

Disability jobs in Sydney are becoming more and more widespread. In the years gone by those with handicaps would find themselves discriminated against when it came to seeking and gaining employment, not just in Australia but worldwide. As governments have become more aware of the importance of inclusion for everyone in society, it has become easier for the handicapped in the job market. Numerous initiatives have been developed worldwide to encourage people from all walks of life to participate in each aspect of society, this includes the workplace.


In Australia, there are over 4 million people with some form of a disability. Highlighting the important of creating disability jobs in Sydney, of these 4 million people, 2 million are of working age, while 35% of households include someone who is handicapped. When it comes to creating employment for those who are handicapped, Australia ranks favourably when compared with other countries around the world. The employment rate for those who are handicapped sits at 35%. However, there are some worrying statistics when it comes to handicapped people in the workplace. People who are handicapped between the ages of 15 and 24 are more likely to experience discrimination than those of retirement age, and this occurs during employment half the time. These figures highlight how far Australia has come but also how far it still must go.

disabled man working


On a positive note, each step of the process of finding disability jobs in Sydney has become easier. Some positions have quotas relating to how many candidates are interviewed for a certain position. This can relate to the candidate’s background and heritage as well as any handicaps that they may have. Employers are encouraged to employ candidates from all walks of life and can receive grants for local and national governments in doing so. In just receiving a call back for an interview, a person’s self-esteem will grow knowing they are being given the chance to showcase their ability face to face. Whether or not they get chosen can be somewhat irrelevant so long as they are given the confidence to apply for more positions.


The benefits for society with the increase in disability jobs in Sydney is very important. Employing those who are handicapped in both client facing and back office jobs sends a message to both customers and employees about what kind of company they wish to be. An equal opportunities employer will always be looked upon more favourably than one who is known for human rights controversies. The more people with handicaps become the norm in workplaces all over the city, the more people will accept these people as important parts of society.


Disability jobs in Sydney are no longer low skilled, low earning positions. Employers recognize their ability to contribute more than ever which has seen an increase in the number of people employed in the city and country. Disability jobs in Sydney are more prevalent than ever with more and more handicapped workers gaining confidence to apply and succeed in their chosen field.


The development of different infrastructure has also been an important factor in the increase of disability jobs in Sydney. In years gone for handicapped workers to get to work could be a hassle. Transport was not easily accessible for those who are handicapped while once at their workplace, they could be faced with similar problems. Just like any other worker, they should expect to have the ability and freedom to move around. Coming to work and asking for help each day, day after day, would not be the most welcoming for any worker, let alone one who is handicapped and could possibly feel marginalized in society already.


Having more disability jobs in Sydney will encourage those with handicaps to apply. The chance to learn and develop their careers at an employer who values what they bring to the table is important for any worker. Any skills picked up in the workplace will be transfer into that workers life and therefore help them integrate into society that little bit more. Take for example, a period of unemployment after a week or two with no routine, whereby you pass hours at home, you begin to feel cut off from society a little bit. You can meet your friends, but you find yourself with less to talk about since they are chatting about their time at work. Disability jobs in Sydney give those with handicaps more of a footing in society allowing them to interact with peers and have something more to talk about, that they may have not had already.


Creating and increasing disability jobs in Sydney must be a priority for the national and state governments as they seek to create a more rounded society, one in which people of every background and skill feel included and wanted in their community.



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