February 20, 2019

Why You Should Buy an Electric Hot Water Cylinder from a NZ Brand

Those consumers who are out in the market for a hot water cylinder that will keep their household running on-demand all year around won’t be short of options.

The Australian market is littered with new innovations, sizes and styles to cater to all types of homes in the public and private sector.

Those who decide to lookout for an electric hot water cylinder will be able to source a product that ticks all of the relevant boxes for a homeowner.

Putting aside the bells and whistles that some domestic providers can focus on, these models are all designed around quality assurance and offering the best possible hot water production from January through to December, but particularly during those cold June and July months.

Here we will outline why you would be better served opting for a product of this description than the alternatives in the market.


Minimal Cost Upfront

When weighed up against Australian providers and those from other markets attempting to get the most out of domestic consumers, an electric hot water cylinder will have minimal costs to incur upfront. This is ideal when there are time pressures for homeowners who need to have the model installed and operating before stressing about costs and balancing a budget. With different sizes and options, customers are empowered to obtain a product that will meet their needs without having to compromise on other elements of the home.


Healthy Storage Capacity

From the smaller 45L and 50L models to the medium 125L models all the way up to 250L products, an electric hot water cylinder will have an efficiently running storage capacity. There will be times when demand inside the house for hot water is running above usual levels, and this is an item that will meet that challenge.


heaterReliable Operating Model

The facts speak for themselves when analyzing the track records of an electric hot water cylinder. Call outs for repairs are far below industry standard, homeowners access comprehensive heating for their water needs all year round and reviews are glowing for an item that has been innovated in a region that is renowned for heating and home insulation.


Offers Consumer Flexibility

Having a household asset that is adaptive to new technology is something that is rarely evident, even in the 2019 market. An electric hot water cylinder happens to meet that challenge as individuals can obtain a good that can be future proofed for additional heating pumps, for solar inclusion or for wetback systems that aim to cut down costs. Homeowners know that their needs will change over time as children grow up and leave the home, changing the demands that are placed daily on showers, baths and washing machines.


Easy to Turn Off and Shutdown

It is true that by 2019 there should be outlets that have made the turning on and off function straightforward and consumer-friendly, but sadly that is not always the case across the board in this industry. With an electric hot water cylinder, homeowners can simply find an on/off switch that simply needs to be flicked. This is ideal for those that are heading out of town for a period of time and want to ensure that they are not billed for any costs that could occur while they are absent.



Should you be mulling over the decision on whether or not to purchase an electric hot water cylinder, then call up the nearest outlet and source a free quote to gauge the item against your budget.



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