January 14, 2019

Why Sim Card Packaging is Important

In this generation it would be hard to find someone that does not own a subscriber identity module. Phones are important; it’s how you get in contact with friends, family and work. Most of our daily tasks are done on our phones.

However, most of this can’t be done without the use of a working subscriber identity module.

Smart chips are used to store data for cellular phone subscribers. The different types of data that the smart chips save are things such as user identities, phone numbers, text messages, security keys, contact lists and user location.

Many businesses understand the importance of sim card packaging and its use of providing customers with working phone ID chips.

There are many different benefits and aspects that you should take into account when wrapping subscriber identity modules. This article will aim to show you the importance of sim card packaging and why all phone ID chips require the correct wrapping.


Different types of modules

phone and a nano sim card

When people order a subscriber identity module, they are usually delivered in some sort of appropriate cover. The correct wrapping is essential for providing customers with a working chip as well as not allowing it to break during distribution.

Nano chips are small scale models that most of the latest hand held phones use because of its compact and thin appearance. These nano-chips are approximately 15% thinner than the micro-chip which is the model before this products release. These nano-chips are smaller to save more size but can handle the same amount of information that much larger smart chips can handle.

The size of these nano chips are 8.8 x 12.3mm.

Micro ID chip are medium scale models that many devices still use until this day. However it is significantly larger than the nano-chips. Micro-chips can be used in new devices but would need to be trimmed professionally.

The original size of these micro subscriber identity modules are 12 x 15mm.

sim cards

Standard chips are the original and much larger chips that are nearly obsolete as phones no longer use these subscriber identity modules. Usually only older phones are able to use this chip.

These much larger and thicker modules measure at about 15 x 25mm which is significantly larger than the other two smart chips. The standard chip is approximately bigger than both the other subscriber identity modules combined.

Respectable sim card packaging services understand the importance of having different sized wrapping to for these subscriber identity modules. Wrapping that is made for nano chips cannot be used to cover the standard chip as trying to fit the standard chip into the same size wrapping would cause it to break.


It does more than just secure the item

When wrapping up the chip, it does more than just protect the product. Using appropriate wrapping for the product also significantly prevents tampering with the subscriber identity module and prevents content modification.

Using sim card packaging plays a large role in terms of promoting brands and differentiating with other products. when smart chips are placed for in-store display, the first thing that people notice is the brand promotion on the cover, which is why when creating these covers they first make sure that their wrapping is appealing to the eyes of the customers.

The shape of the cover is another marketing strategy that some businesses use. When all products look the same they tend to get ignored, which is why businesses and companies use strategies to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

After reading this article, we hope you understand the importance of sim card packaging and why without proper care, we would have no working subscriber identity modules.






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