November 10, 2020

Why Local Offices Implement The MYOB Greentree Package

MYOB Greentree

Local offices that make the call to integrate the MYOB Greentree system can enjoy a raft of commercial benefits.

This is a software structure aimed at mid-tier organisations who want to improve efficiencies and leverage new insights for their business.

We will take a closer look at these key selling points for the package.

All Incorporating Suite

Offices at a local level that decide to leverage the MYOB Greentree system have the entire suite available to their management team and for all other staff members and stakeholders. From HR and payroll to community care, manufacturing, development, retail, supply chain distribution, eBusiness, business intelligence, reporting, mobile solutions and asset management, they are all covered within this comprehensive product. It is a system that can be applied to any company who manages a number of simultaneous components, striving for synchronicity and drive of focus.

Sourcing Greater Financial Efficiencies

The need to reduce overheads and maximize profits is what commercial operators strive for at all levels, but particularly at a local level with small to medium enterprises (SMEs). That return on investment (ROI) focus is where the introduction of the MYOB Greentree program becomes beneficial, earmarking expenditure that is wasteful and leveraging market opportunities that drive cash flow. This can be showcased through courier partnerships, material use or labour investment.

Flexible Operating Model

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MYOB Greentree is a customised platform that allows mid-tier operators to scale their working models accordingly. Given that a number of different industries use this design, it is important to embrace commercial technology that can adapt to different landscapes and this is one of the key features that is on show with this software brand. Simply select what features should be added or removed for the dashboard to leverage this first-class suite technology.

Staff Education

With the aid of a visual planning board and Microsoft Project interface, participants who use the MYOB Greentree program will improve their intellectual property and educate other departments about the software. There are tutorials and assistance measures as part of the program, so it won’t require too much time or investment to bring everyone up to speed on software integration. Once they are aware of the operational parameters, they can educate new members on the process.

Cloud Compatibility

One of the great benefits for local enterprises adapting the MYOB Greentree platform is that they can utilize the system inside or outside of the cloud depending on their profile. Certain mid-tier brands will have overlooked the cloud for their database integration and thankfully this is a system that caters to that need. Whether the client wishes to switch to one or the other according to their cloud-based requirements, the Greentree model is versatile to each.

Forecasting Components

The Greentree design allows local practitioners not only to assess and report on real-time data, but to project forward and forecast for the business. It is one of the great developments for managers who don’t want to be left guessing about their growth or loss prospects, giving them tangible information based on firsthand data models.

Customer Support Access

With access to product development representatives, accounting specialists and software engineers who know the Greentree program inside and out, the customer support access remains a first-class feature. For certain clientele, this is a collaborative approach that allows resellers to connect with operators, take onboard their information and drive their business towards their key objectives. 

The key metrics from clients who assess MYOB Greentree outline how well the software programs in real world environments. From the ease of use to the platform integration, customer support parameters, functionality and advanced features for progressive industries, this is a design that makes improvements across the board for competitive enterprises.

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