October 12, 2020

Ways To Become A Sydney Wedding Photographer

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The event industry is big money, especially when it comes to being a Sydney wedding photographer. Most people will often spend tens of thousands on their big day, and this includes the fees that you will be charging for their event. It is known that it will not be a huge income, however as an independent Sydney wedding photographer, you can charge what you like and if you are good at your job then you can charge high fees and make a very good income for your business. Becoming a Sydney wedding photographer can be simple, however, getting your name and reputation out there can be difficult as it is an oversaturated market with many people trying their luck.

Still looking to become one?

Here are some ways to become a Sydney wedding photographer.

Get a good camera

It is of vital importance that you have a very good and high-quality camera if you want to become a Sydney wedding photographer.

It is the most essential tool of the trade and is required to simply do your job. When people hire you for their big event, they will expect high-quality photos that they can look back on and cherish, and therefore the photos need to be detailed. Every little detail counts when people are spending big money on these events and therefore a good camera is required to capture these moments. Furthermore, a good camera can be used as advertising as they will know that you have the proper equipment for the job and you will look professional. Although a good camera is worth it, you do not need to break the bank on an insanely high priced product. There are many out there you can get for under $500, even coming with the lens. The camera is important however additional equipment is also important including different lenses for different styles of photos and possibly a tripod. All this equipment will not only help you do your job better but also create an image of professionalism, quality, and experience as a Sydney wedding photographer.

Offer to take photos of family and/or friend’s events

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This is good in order to gain experience as a Sydney wedding photographer.

It is very important to gain experience in order to know what works well with other people, as well as what shots work with what equipment (lens, tripod).

It is also very important to build a portfolio in order to market your services to the world. You cannot expect people to hire you as a Sydney wedding photographer if you do not have any event experience or a portfolio to back your claims as an experienced event professional. By offering to take photos of your family and/or friend’s events, you can gain experience with a bit of leeway as you know the people who are hosting the event. This will allow you to build a portfolio and gain experience. You could even offer to do these events at a discounted rate or for free, as you are gaining experience and a portfolio rather than a monetary award. An alternative is to go to events where they have hired an experienced Sydney wedding photographer and mirror his actions with your own equipment, paying close attention to what he does. You can then model your own actions on his and gain experience and inside knowledge as to how you should go about these types of events.

In summary, becoming a Sydney wedding photographer can seem simple, however, you will need good equipment in order to do your job well and produce beautiful and detailed images. Moreover, you will need to build a good reputation through experience and a portfolio to prove your abilities as a Sydney wedding photographer.

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