December 2, 2018

Top Characteristics of Family Lawyers in Sydney

Family lawyers in Sydney are not difficult to locate, but they could be difficult to trust if you agree terms with the wrong firm.

The ideal characteristics that you will be seeking are equally applicable across the legal landscape.

From trustworthiness to transparency, compatibility to personality, these are the common benchmarks that clients hope to tick off when selecting legal representative with family matters.

Here we will delve into the features that help to define O’Sullivan Legal – family lawyers Sydney based experts as being the top performers in the industry.


Well Versed Across All Elements of Family Law

Although divorce is the clear domain of expertise that family lawyers in Sydney have to manage on a daily basis with their list of clients, there are many other elements that come into play with this specialty of practice. The field will include categories such as property and investment rights to child care and custody or the preparation of a Will for the family. This illustrates that there are many different areas of expertise at play and the best professionals in this business will have a sound knowledge and application of each one.


Operate as Mediator and Counselor

Family lawyers in Sydney have to often juggle two distinctive skills. On one hand they have to be a mediator where the other spouse or party are instigating a conflict to demand better conditions. From child custody payments to visitation arrangements or the division of assets, tensions can rise where emotions run hot. This is where the experienced solicitor steps in to ensure that the fear and angst is quelled.

Then there is the need to operate as a counselor, being a sounding board for the client’s own trepidation and anxieties that are likely to emerge over the course of a dispute. Dealing with mental health and emotional well-being might not be their inherent realm of expertise, but the best operators will be able to massage this aspect of the role to satisfy their client.



Living Local and Working Local

Due to the fact that many of the issues that family lawyers in Sydney have to deal with are so visceral and personal for clients who are experiencing a breakdown of a relationship, a death or a general conflict close to home, it is helpful for that firm to be based close to home as well. Case studies have illustrated that if there is a physical distance that is notable between the lawyer and the client, then complications can emerge where there is strain on the communication. Fortunately for the Sydney market there is a myriad of choice for individuals who are seeking representation in this field, but the best operators will usually select clients that are based in close proximity so consultations and discussions can be face to face as much as possible.


Offer Realistic Expectations

Those family lawyers in Sydney who like to sugarcoat the reality of a situation to appease their clients in the interim are doing everyone a disservice. This unprofessional conduct is rarely seen as word quickly travels between firms and clients alike, but it is ideal for a solicitor in the field of family law to outline with clarity what options are on the table, which of the options will likely yield positive or negative results, and what pathways or loopholes can be utilized. The lawyer only works as a representative so they have to enact their client’s wishes, yet those judgments should be made with the realistic expectations presented to them beforehand.


Referred From Various Communities and Profiles

There will be family lawyers in Sydney that cater to the top end of town or the middle class where budgets have to be more tightly managed. Yet the best firms in this industry will have the capacity to cater to all demographics with the same urgency and diligence to see their cases through. Those lawyers who can obtain references and testimonials from offline and online sources across the financial spectrum illustrate that their skills are equally applicable from all ends of town.

Sydney is a diverse city where financial means can range from the modest to the incredibly wealthy, but divorces, child custody battles and property arrangements don’t discriminate. A trustworthy test is to see if these representatives care about lining their pockets with upper end clientele or they wish to make a difference irrespective of their wealth.


Work Within Client Budgetary Constraints

Having noted the need to have family lawyers in Sydney work for each and every citizen, it is important that this one-on-one professional relationship is not abused where the solicitor inflates fees. From bringing in additional resources to extending the nature of a legal conflict, the representative must be mindful of their financial duty to the client. This will be respected if there is a transparent and open dialogue between family lawyers in Sydney and the client where strict boundaries can be set.



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