February 22, 2021

Should You Get Corporate Flu Vaccination Vouchers?

Influenza season is hard on every workplace, absenteeism is rife, morale is low and no one likes it when their health suffers. Every year, influenza is solely responsible for a large amount of absent employees and has a big negative impact on productivity. Mercifully for employers and employees alike, there are number of preventative steps you can take to minimise the impact that this illness can have on the workplace. Corporate flu vaccination vouchers are one of the most powerful tools that offices have at their disposal when it comes to limiting the fallout of this illness each year.

Introducing a program of corporate flu vaccination vouchers inside your organisation can significantly reduce absenteeism and can help to protect the health of your staff. Here are a few things you should know about it.

The influenza virus

The seasonal flu is a problem that we’re all familiar with. You’ve probably has it at some point in your life. It’s a very contagious virus and each year it makes hundreds of thousands sick. In Australia it is responsible for thousands of deaths each year and spreads rapidly in the winter months. The influenza is a virus that can easily be spread by respiratory droplets, it might be passed on by infected people coughing, sneezing, talking or laughing. People can pick it up by touching objects that have been contaminated. The virus is often at it’s worth in the cooler months when people spend more time inside and so if you’re hoping to limit its impact then it’s a good idea to introduce corporate flu vaccination vouchers into your workplace. If you want to get ahead of influenza season then it’s a good idea to have your corporate flu vaccination vouchers program take place several months before as this will allow time for immunity to take effect and for protection against the virus to be built up.

Is influenza really that bad?

Worker having flu while at work

Some workplaces think that influenza isn’t that serious and is just a normal part of life but it is a potentially very dangerous illness that it responsible for killing many people and hospitalising much more. Preventing the spread of this illness if very important, especially as it’s so contagious. It can pose a serious threat to those who are immunocompromised, young or old. Allowing it to run rampant may have a serious impact on the health of your employees and their families. Corporate flu vaccination vouchers can help to prevent or minimise the impact of this illness.

What else can I do to limit the spread?

Corporate flu vaccination vouchers are one of the best things you can do to stop the spread of influenza around the office. They work by allowing people to build up an immunity to the common flu viruses that people catch. Other things you may want to do are ensure that there is plenty of education provided to your staff to ensure that people know how to keep their spaces clean and sanitary and that they do not attend work when sick.

Do shots work all the time?

Whilst corporate flu vaccination vouchers are an excellent method for preventing illness, they are not 100% effective. Due to the nature of flu viruses, it is still possible to fall ill even after getting a shot although the severity will often be much less. Many people complain that they don’t work at all because they got sick after getting one, but it’s often the case that enough time hasn’t passed for immunity to be built up. Whilst the shot will not absolutely protect you, it will minimise the impact of the season.

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