December 15, 2020

Questions That Residents Must Address Before Installing a Hardwood Timber Floor

Backyard with hardwood timber floor

The act of installing a hardwood timber floor at home can be a tricky exercise.

Particularly for those homeowners who are based in small cluttered spaces, the logistics of removing and implementing these materials is easier said than done.

This is why it pays for clients to be dealing with the top practitioners in their field, leveraging on their experience and expertise to provide a smooth transition to these valuable surfaces.

In order to have the right specialist on hand, residents have to ask themselves some key questions that will help clarify exactly what they want and how they want it done.

What Regions of The Home Need To Be Covered?

Before residents decide to rush through their hardwood timber floor installation project, they need to know what regions of the home will be covered. This will be extensive for those in large premises to lay the foundations at the first and second floor while other locations like the kitchen, bedroom, living room and office space have to be considered. It will be an exercise that looks at the entire value of the package and the need to be consistent, providing different challenges when transitioning away from other hardwoods, carpets or tile alternatives.

What is the Sub-Floor Profile?

One of the key factors that will influence the purchase of hardwood timber floors for homes will be the nature of the sub-floor. Certain locations will have straight concrete while others will have plywood designs to offer support. Most foundations will require a plywood platform before the hardwood can be introduced, so that can bring about a new challenge for local clients that adds to the cost and the logistics.

What Style of Hardwood Timber Would Suit The Décor?

It is important to recognise how varied a hardwood timber floor can be depending on the type of material that is purchased. It will vary in terms of their colour tone and their texture. Among the goods displayed in this sector, clients can take their pick from bamboo to French oak, ironbark to blackbutt and cypress pine to Australian beech. Residents will be able to get a good look and feel for the product, determining what compliments the surrounding décor the best.

Which Installation Operators Are Legitimate?

Hardwood timber floor being coated

Often the question with a hardwood timber floor installation is not about the what but the who. The professionals who have been tasked with this role have to be legitimate specialists in this sector, offering expertise and experience without adding to the pressure for community members. This is a duty that has to be overseen by the customer, ensuring that they have spoken with personal references, researched their credentials online and have developed a list of candidates to source a contingency if necessary.

How Can Quotes Be Sourced From These Specialists?

As soon as participants have looked at providers of hardwood timber floor installers and assessed their profile and their ratings, the next step will be to access quotes. This will be delivered on paper or online, offering a complete rundown of the expected costs including labor and material with any extra provisions added to the package. The quote will be a tangible guide for residents to compare outlets according to their price point.

What is The Timetable For The Project?

The final question that residents will want to reflect on with timber operators is their timetable for the completion of the project. It creates a world of problems for those homeowners who are living around clutter and mess for weeks on end. They want a definitive start and end point, something that should be communicated to the hardwood timber floor specialists and written down within the terms of the quote.

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