April 24, 2021

Online Team Building Activities To Try

Workers while doing online team building activities

Are you looking for some online team building activities to help bring your staff together?

Bonding in the workplace is so important. Any good manager will tell you that spending time on building up the relationships between team members is essential if you want your workplace to be productive and positive. Unfortunately, this has become much more difficult in recent years due to COVID-19, with more people than ever before now working remote.

So, how do you go about promoting bonding when everyone’s working remote? With online team building activities of course!

If you’re looking for ideas then read on below.

What are online team building activities?

Online team building activities involve bring a remote team together to bond. They work in a similar way to most other bonding exercises that you might try out in an office setting, except they’re geared towards using the modern technology that we have available.

What’s the point?

With many people now physically distancing and work remotely, it can be hard to promote team work and a lot of employees are now finding that they feel isolated from their colleagues. Isolated employees will often find that they aren’t comfortable working with other team members and this can cause break downs in your workflow and process. That’s why it’s important for managers to foster a comfortable team working environment for remote workers. Online team building activities can be a great way to do this as they are designed to get people interacting and connecting – this can be a good way to make everyone feel like they’re part of a real community in the workplace!

Better bonds usually lead to happier employees and that means better retention. So, without further ado, here are some ideas you should consider trying.

Play a game

One great way to improve the bonds between your team is with an online game. It might sound silly but it can be a great way to improve teamwork. Think games like online murder mysteries which will get your team to collaborate and work together to try and solve a mystery.

Another game you might want to try out is a game show style game. This can be a fun way to promote bonding as it often involved people teaming up to go head-to-head. The trivia can be fun and challenging and will get your employees comfortable with each other.

Virtual escape rooms

Escape room

Virtual escape rooms are a thing and they are a great form of online team building activities. If you want to do something challenging then it doesn’t get much better than trying to solve a series of puzzles together.

Get to know each other’s homes

This can be a fun way for people to get to know each other. Each week for instance you may want to have people volunteer to show of their homes, this can offer a great insight into people’s personalities.

Ice-breaker games

Ice-breaker games can be a good way to promote team bonding. You may for instance want to do something like the desert island scenario which involves having people list the items they would bring to an island with them if they were trapped. This promotes critical thinking and collaboration.

Guessing games

Another fun way to promote bonding is to do a guessing game. You may for instance ask team members to share information about themselves and get them to share personal fact about themselves and then ask the group to guess.

These are just a few of the most popular online team building activities. Have you tried any of them?

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