January 3, 2018

How to Prepare Your Little One for their First Day of Child Care

If you have a toddler and live in north-western Sydney, then you may have considered taking your child to a child care in Northmead. It’s a fantastic, safe suburb to send your little one to for daytime supervision, but like any parent, you are naturally concerned about leaving them their on their first day.

Preparing a young kid for their first day at a child care in Northmead can seem like a daunting prospect for many parents. Of course, you want to enable them to have fun and make friends while also guaranteeing their safety as much as possible.

This is no doubt a complicated area for many parents who are likely anxious about leaving their little one in the supervision of strangers, no matter how qualified they are. If you have made the decision to send you little one to a child care in Northmead, considering the following tips in order to prepare them for their first day.


1.     Practise short periods of separation with them

The biggest worrying factor of sending your kid to a child care in Northmead is the fact that they will be separated from you for several hours. This is obviously a highly traumatic experience for any kid that’s been totally dependent on their parent up until this point.

While nothing can truly prepare your little one for that first big separation from you, you can ease them into it by practicing short periods of separation with them before their first day. This could mean leaving them at a friend’s house for half a day where you can practice saying goodbye to them and get them accustomed to watching you drive away.

If you practice this several weeks or even months before sending them to their new child care in Northmead, they will have a much easier time on their first day. By that point, they will have learned that when you drive away, you always come back, and this will obviously make them feel far more comfortable on their first day of preschool.


2: Introduce them to other kids early

Another great strategy to prepare your kid for their first day of child care in Northmead is to try and organize playdates with other kids you know are going to be attending with them. This can be done by posting on the centre’s social media pages or in local parent groups to find willing participants for kids to network with each other before starting their first day.

The obvious benefit of this is that your little one will get to know some of their peers prior to attending so that they will start their first day with an existing friendship group. This makes separating from you much easier as they will already have some familiar faces to turn to when you drive away.

Because issues of alienation and bullying are something that all parents are naturally concerned with, it shouldn’t be difficult to find other parents who want to engage in this practice with you. They will realize how beneficial it will be for their kid as well as yours.


3: Make sure they understand the golden rule

Helping your little one understand the golden rule or ‘do unto others as you would like done unto you’ is essential prior to them starting their first day at child care in Northmead. This will prepare them for all basic interactions with their peers and will prevent nasty incidents from occurring.

Skills such as sharing and listening are also incredibly important for them to understand so that they have a positive experience.





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