July 23, 2019

How Owners Can Run a Successful Pizza Takeaway Store in Rose Bay

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Making Made in Italy a success as a local pizza takeaway store in Rose Bay is no easy task.

With a high level of competition from takeaway outlets across the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, this affluent district is renowned for offering patrons world-class cuisine in close proximity to deluxe locations.

Yet even these communities cannot ignore the appeal of satisfying pizza delivered straight to their door.

So how do commercial operators and owners create something from nothing in this market?

Let’s look at the steps that have proven to be fruitful with the ambitious venture of running a successful pizza takeaway store in Rose Bay.


Develop An Authentic Menu

The greatest asset that any pizza takeaway store in Rose Bay can have is a signature appeal with the cuisine. An authentic menu that is well received by customers is the best policy as chefs that bring character, flavour and passion to the meal is always the best solution. From heavy meat toppings complete with pepperoni, chicken, salami and more to vegetarian dishes complimented by mushroom and cheese to seafood delights, desserts and entrees, these outlets should look to separate themselves from standard commercial fast food chains. Rose Bay locals already have access to these establishments, so to survive and thrive in this market the menu has to be exceptional.


Have a Business Plan For Sustainability and Growth

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If an owner of a pizza takeaway store in Rose Bay has no ambition other than to exist week to week, they are ultimately doomed to fail. This is where a business plan has to be developed, keeping one eye on a sustainable model and another on growth opportunities. It will be a blueprint that factors in financial projections, budgeting, marketing, business ethics, image, public relations and community investment. Such forecasting will require the involvement of professional operators who can carry out this analysis on their own time.


Hire Quality Drivers

Pizza takeaway store in Rose Bay often live and die by the quality of the drivers who engage customers on a nightly basis. If they can remember customer preferences and how to approach them during the transaction, the better the experience will be for local constituents. They should have knowledge of the main routes across Victoria Rd, New South Head Rd and consumers closer to the water at Point Piper. With the aid of navigation technology, they will be able to gauge where the fastest routes can be taken and keep reminders for personal preferences. There is also a subjective element for owners who should be looking at candidates who are honest and transparent in their professional dealings, not engaging in shortcuts for convince sake, expecting additional tips upon delivery or treating customers with contempt if they have been treated poorly themselves.


Create Digital Engagement and Ordering Processes

In 2019 there is a heavy online component that has to be considered when opening a pizza takeaway store in Rose Bay. Shoppers should be able to make their purchases online and track delivery through the website or a specialised app. The store will also promote a heavy social media presence to engage customers on a daily basis with new content and give additional pathways for communication.


Build Rapport With Community Members

Despite the need for digital innovation, a pizza takeaway store in Rose Bay will need to build rapport with community members across the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. This will feature sporting clubs, schools, community centres and a other key stakeholders including real estate agencies, hairdressers and authentic food outlets to source fresh ingredients – forming long-term relationships that will sustain the enterprise long into the future.


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