December 23, 2020

3 Things You Will Find In The Best Quilting Magazines

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If you are looking for the best quilting magazines to subscribe to, then it’s a good idea for you to know what to expect from them. Some publications may claim to be really great, but they will be lacking in one or two areas that will make you wish you had subscribed to something different.

It would suck if you ended up subscribing to a publication only to find out there was something superior out there. To avoid this happening, you should make sure you understand what the ideal publication will have in it.

The following will list 3 things that you will find in the best quilting magazines.

1.    Patterns galore

Ostensibly, the main focus of the best quilting magazines is to give you more inspiration to carry-on the pursuit in your spare time. This means that the publication should have lots of pictures and well-written descriptions of patterns you can either replicate, but your own twist on, or use as a basis for your own original designs.

This hobby is a vibrant community where sharing and discussing patterns and ideas for patterns is what helps it to thrive and bring in new hobbyists. Therefore, it follows that the best quilting magazines would have pages sharing and talking about patterns as their primary focus since this is what those in the hobby are mainly looking for.

It should also have really great images of the finished patterns so that you can clearly see them. The quality of this photo should be top-notch and consistent. Simply looking at images of different patterns as something visually interesting is one of the primary appeals of the best quilting magazines.

2.    Great articles

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Of course, the best quilting magazines would also come with some interesting article about the craft that helps to motivate and inspire you. They should focus on different aspects of the craft and be relatable to you, being written by people who know what they are talking about.

These articles should provide new insights and ways of looking at the craft that gets you excited to try new things and expand your skillset. While not every article will be ground-breaking, there should be a consistent effort to bring something new to the table.

These articles should also be accurate and high-quality, meeting professional journalistic standards you would expect from any type of publication. The best quilting magazines need to be well-written and informative for its audience.

3.    Ways for you to engage

Naturally, the best quilting magazines should also have ways of engaging with their readership and promoting a community spirit. This could occur in the form of competitions and giveaways that make it fun to expect the next issue and see how thing have developed.

This helps to avoid the publication being a one-way conversation and create a thriving space where you get to share your work and be a part of a community. This kind of community is what keeps people in a hobby for a long time because they are there not just for the craft itself but for the interpersonal relationships that are formed.

As you can see, there are a few key things that the best quilting magazines need to get right in order to qualify in the top tier. They need to nail these things not only to get a readership but to maintain it long-term and earn a name for themselves as the ‘must read’ publication for those in the craft.

Hopefully, the above helps you in identifying what the best quilting magazines are.

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